Ida Grove Poster in the wild

I have really enjoyed making and mailing out the new Ida Grove Poster to everyone who pre-ordered. But the best part is seeing your photos of the posters hanging in their new homes.

Thank you!

The Queen walks by

Two of my paintings are part of the collection on the MV Britannia. Queen Elizabeth II named the ship in a ceremony last Tuesday, then took a tour. As a result, I got to see a few photos of my paintings in their new, floating home:

Queen Elizabeth II walking by my painting "port"The original photo ran on You can see the painting on its own here.

Here’s a tweet from @BritishMonarchy with a better photo of the Queen and the painting in the distance just to her left. Such good color contrast…

Mennonite Arts Weekend 2014

It was an honor to be asked to present at the 2014 Mennonite Arts Weekend. The slideshow I put together was titled Seen Slowly: Art making, urban gardening, and the Amish inkjet.

Even though I was pretty nervous about speaking, it ended up being a lot of fun. Everyone was very gracious, and I appreciated the chance to touch base with a few of my peers. Other visual artists presenting at the weekend were Sarah Boyts Yoder, Karen Thiessen, and Kristina Glick. It was a special treat for me to meet poet Jean Janzen, musician and hymn-wrangler Marilyn Houser Hamm, and the members of The Steel Wheels.