2017 Dumbo Open Studios

I’m happy to be participating in this year’s revival of the annual Dumbo Open Studios.

The event will be held on May 13 and 14th this year, a big change from the fall dates used in past years. The event website lists over 100 artists and at least eight of those are right here in the same building as my own space. Come see what the studio is like in the spring!

DUMBO Open Studios
Saturday, May 13 + Sunday, May 14
1-6 PM.
89 Bridge Street, 2nd Floor Left
Brooklyn NY 11201
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My listing on the event website

Dumbo open studios, May 13 + 14, 2017, 1-6PM, dumboopenstudios.com

Sacred and Spiritual: A Visit with Artist Randy Stoltzfus

This account of a visit to the studio written by Linda Clarke appeared in a monthly newsletter published by the Brooklyn Monthly Meeting in October of 2016.

Lucy Sikes and I visited the Studio of Randall Stoltzfus one hot and humid afternoon in August. We are the perfect pair for this as Lucy is a professional artist with a career spanning more than fifty years and I am, um, intuitive. (Lucy kindly refers to this as “the poetic view.”) Together we embody both ends of the spectrum of viewer sophistication.

Randy Stoltzfus stands with one of his paintings in his Brooklyn studio For the few who haven’t met him, Randy is the spouse of Friend Callie Janoff and is a frequent attender at Brooklyn Monthly Meeting. Having seen some of his artwork on his website, I knew that it was highly creative and skillful. And very original! I also had seen some of his paintings in reality, and was impressed with the way the light and the physical depth of the work spoke to my feelings. Nonetheless, I found myself ill-prepared for the visual cornucopia we encountered in his studio. The two dimensional view on the website (www.sloweye.net) conveys quite a bit about the quality and creativity but, naturally, fails to deliver the effect that accompanies the depth and light of the originals. In addition to the abundance of human feelings raised by his works (such as tenderness, playfulness, joy and serenity), there exists a richness of quality I think of as pertaining to the sacred (or, in a word, spiritual). The light presented in some paintings vaguely recalled in me some mostly forgotten place, while evoking memories of a rare silence.

"Sidereal" by Randall Stoltzfus. 2014, Acrylic dispersion with gold leaf on recycled polymer, 48 by 60 inches.The two artists talked about skills and technique and I was very interested to learn about some of them. It takes a lot of layers to create the complexity of Stoltzfus’ work and this translates into a lot of time and effort. One painting of a night sky, which is unique for its faithful depiction of the actual light of the stars, was accomplished via the incorporation of gold leaf. (There was some other talk about the use of red pigment which I couldn’t follow because I was still employed in walking back and forth to test the effect at different distances.) And though they may have explained some things to me about another work in shades of black and silver, I don’t expect to ever understand how it was able to evoke feelings of tenderness.

Stoltzfus embodies his awe and wonder of our universe in his work and invites us to explore visual experiences in a completely new way. I would not be surprised to see him recognized as a paradigm changer among artists characterized as sacred or spiritual painters.

— Linda Clarke, Brooklyn Meeting News

painting titled 'PArapet' by Randall Stoltzfus

Open Studios 2012: The Brooklyn Museum Go Project


I’ll have the studio doors open this Saturday and Sunday, September 8th-9th from 11AM to 7PM.

September is here with it’s promise of fall- and this year the month is starting with what might be the largest open studio event everThe Brooklyn Museum’s Go Project. I’m participating, and I could use your help!

Here’s why: The museum has turned the tables and made it so that you, the visitor, have the most important role in this event. You can vote- and your votes help  artists win a visit with curators or even a show at the Brooklyn Museum. It’s irresitable catnip for us artists. That’s why over 1,758 of us are participating in this event! Hopefully it will be as enticing to you. I’m sure it will be fun.

If you make my studio your first stop on your tour, I’m happy to help you get set up so you can vote. I’ll have a wireless network you can use to download the app. You can check in at six studios right in my building. Even if you have only a hour of time for this event, that is enough to make a difference.

The studio is at:
89 Bridge Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

phone: 917.957.7576

Complete details and a map are on my page on the Go website.

See you there!

2011 Dumbo Arts Festival


Once again this year, the doors of the studio will open for the Dumbo Arts Festival.

Hours this year are Saturday, September 24th 12-8 pm and Sunday, September 25th from 12-6pm. Stop by during those hours and you can preview some of the work that will be going to the upcoming show at the Germantown Mennonite Museum of Art and Peace in Philadelphia, including a couple of new paintings and a complete set of the new digital prints.

More info is available from the festival’s official site. There’s a page with a map showing our location and even an iPhone app. Hot transportation tip– get here by using the new East River Ferry.


Dumbo Arts Festival Open Studios 2010


Stop by for a look at the newest paintings during open studios this Saturday, September 25, 2010 from 12-6 PM.

Then stumble out the door into the biggest Dumbo Arts Festival yet. This year the festival expands to include music as well as the usual performance, projection, and public art happening throughout the neighborhood. Open studios happen Saturday and Sunday, but the format has been altered so that only half of the studios are open each day. So come out Saturday (the day we’re open,) and stop by and say hello.

We are on the second floor at 89 Bridge Street, #34 on the festival map:


You can click the map above to download an 8.5 x 11 map for printing or download the official TimeOut New York 2010 DUMBO Arts Festival Guide.

The Dumbo Art Center Pop-up Art Sale

Dumbo Pop-up SaleThis weekend I will be participating in the Dumbo Arts Center’s Pop-up Sale. The opening is Friday night 2/26/2010 from 6-9PM, and the sale continues Saturday, 2/27 from 12-8PM and Sunday 2/28 from 12-6PM. DAC is located at 30 Washington Street, Brooklyn, NY.

Not only does this look like a lot of fun, it is a relief to see a arts fundraiser being done the right way. As a painter whose work sells pretty well, I get asked to do a fair amount of fundraisers. If you don’t know, the usual set-up is to ask the artists to donate work outright to the charity, which then auctions or otherwise disposes of the work to raise money. What is funny is that a lot of arts organizations think that this is a good way to do things, taking handouts from the artists they are ostensibly there to help. In reality, the vast majority of artists need the help more than these organizations. What’s worse, tax law has generally not allowed the artist to claim any more than the cost of goods as a deduction for their donation. So a painting selling for thousands can only be deducted for the hundreds that were spent on the actual materials involved. The artist gets nothing for their labor!

Enough ranting. DAC is setting a good example by splitting proceeds with the artists for this event. Come check out the show. If anything catches your eye and you decide to take it home with you, 50% of the sale will go directly to the artist. Not only will you be supporting a great arts organization, you will be supporting the artist that made the art. Which really could be the start of something good.

I’ll have three pieces in the show, a painting and two drawings. Here’s the painting, a sweet little nocturne started during my residency at the Saltonstall Foundation and finished several years later:

Ithaca, a painting by Randall Stoltzfus
“Ithaca,” 2007, oil and gold leaf on panel, 9.75″x19.75″