This painting was inspired by two separate childhood experiences. One with red cedar trees and another with lightning. Both were very present in the rural Virginia landscape I grew up in.

Eastern red cedars dotted the neighboring fields near our home. When I was old enough, I was sent out with a bow saw to choose one for our Christmas tree. A freshly cut cedar tree smells amazing!

Lightning was a summer thing. We lived on a hill, and it was awe-inspiring to watch thunderstorms make their way across the valley towards the house. I have a very early memory of sitting on a screened in porch when lighting hit a tree a short distance away, making the loudest sound I had heard in my life.

Neither the smell of cedar or the sound of thunder are available to me as materials on my palette. But this painting is a note-to-self about the power of those two memories, and the feelings they invoke for me.

This painting was exhibited at Context Art Miami 2023.

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