The inspiration for this painting came from seeing a rainbow just before sunset here in Brooklyn, NY.

I was surprised at the intensity of this particular rainbow, and it made me want to know more about what I was seeing. So I went looking and found the rainbow article on Wikipedia. Reading about how a rainbow occurs across a cloud of spherical water droplets sparked my imagination. This might be a perfect subject to paint using a field of my hand-painted circles.

René Descartes’ sketch of how a rainbow is formed Date1637 Source | From René Descartes, Discours de la méthode (1637)
René Descartes’ sketch of how a rainbow is formed – From Discours de la méthode (1637) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Trying this out was a lot of fun, but also pretty challenging! One of the limitations that my circular marks create is a sort of reduced resolution. It turns out that the 7 or 8 color edges required along the arc needed to happen in less space than I usually use for this sort of transition.

In the end, I got something that I was excited enough about that I began a series of related rainbow paintings, so no complaints. And I think I learned something about the way a painting comes together that I can’t even put into words yet.

No better reason to paint!

Rainbow Splatters | The painting "Lost" by Randall Stoltzfus hangs on the artists New York City studio wall
“Lost” hangs on the studio wall
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