Lot is a small canvas painted using very many blue, white, and ocher-yellow circular brushstrokes. 

This is one of a group of paintings inspired by the tree farm I worked on as a teenager.  There I was surrounded by the patterns made by light as it passed through the trees. Here I was thinking in particular of the leafless tree-line in early spring.

The tree-farm reference is especially nice here, since this canvas is one of the first that I made using wooden stretchers milled from trees grown on that same farm

The post-consumer recycled synthetic canvas used for this painting is from a bolt that I had custom manufactured (with help from Scott Bodenner) in a related attempt to take some responsibility for the environmental impact of my materials.

Condition photo back of canvas Lot by Randall Stoltzfus showing custom stretcher bars made of wood from family tree farm and special recycled canvas
Looks normal, but I helped grow the wood for those stretcher bars and the canvas is recycled

So this little painting spans several layers of meaning around renewal. I don’t know if something as simple as a painting can make much of a difference in a world bent on consumption. But for me, it does point at some possibilities that I want to pursue as I continue to paint. 

Lot was exhibited in my New York solo show Clearing. The painting was also part of a seasonal display at Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan titled The Enchanted Forest.

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