"Solstice" by Randall Stoltzfus, 2011, oil an gold leaf on linen, 15 by 24 inches

Solstice is a small horizontal landscape filled with light. 

Layers of blue, white, and gold build the sense of light while muted yellows, greens and reds ground the composition by creating a horizon line at the bottom of the canvas. The shimmer of the gold leaf gilding provides a level of brightness that would not be possible with paint alone.

The solstice is a time for celebrations. Cultures all across the world have mythologies and holidays that revolve around this moment where the sun lingers longest in our sky. For my farming ancestors, the solstice was the point on the calendar to measure the progress of the current season’s crops.

For me the solstice provides an opportunity to stop, look inward and note what has gone well, along with noticing what lies ahead. 

Solstice is part of a private collection in Paris, France.

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