Artist Randall Stoltzfus brings light and shadow to Bergamot Station

This video interview with was recorded on March 19, 2016 at the opening reception for Penumbra at Laura Korman Gallery


Randall Stoltzfus: My name’s Randall Stoltzfus, and I’m a painter from Brooklyn, New York.

I’m a landscape painter with a little obsession with circles.

It was a collaboration with Laura to choose which pieces would come here. It’s kind of a special exhibit for me because between the two of us it ends up being a few of my favorite paintings that made the trip to LA.

You know, there is something special about seeing the work in a different context and like we were just saying that the weather in Brooklyn is very different than here. And also, the light is so different.

So it is exciting to see these paintings, with my sort of obsession with light I’ve spent a lot of time working on the way things change when the light changes with gold leaf, iridescence, and so this is the biggest possible change in light, to go from my Brooklyn studio to this space drenched in Santa Monica sun.

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