Lost | Seeing a rainbow at sunset inspired this painting by Randall Stoltzfus | A colorful, mysterious artwork made of many shimmering layers of circular brushstokes

The inspiration for this painting came from seeing a rainbow just before sunset here in Brooklyn, NY.

I was surprised at the intensity of this particular rainbow, and it made me want to know …



Seek | A brilliant orange, yellow and light blue abstract painting by Randall Stoltzfus | Acrylic dispersion on recycled poly canvas, 48 by 48 inches

Seek was created as a custom commission. The request was for a specific size combining the bright color and abstract sense of light present in a few previous canvases. An additional aspiration was to …



"Psyche", 2016, acrylic dispersion on polymer canvas, 21 by 30 inches.

The brilliant orange, yellow and pale blue canvas titled Psyche was completed in the Spring of 2016 and was first shown at shown at the 2016 edition of Art New York along with a …



"Quay" by Randall Stoltzfus, 2015, oil on panel, 7.75 by 19 inches

My inspiration for this crimson, gold, and blue oil painting on panel came from an evening spent watching the sun set over the New York City harbor. It belongs to a series of other …



"Woad" by Randall Stoltzfus. 2015, acrylic dispersion and gold leaf on polymer canvas, 48 by 60 inches

Woad is the name of an ancient blue dye, and the name of the plant from which that dye is derived. Woad seeds have been found at archeological sites dating from the Neolithic, and the dye been found on …



"Near," by Randall Stoltzfus, 2013, oil and acrylic dispersion with gold leaf on linen, 20 by 40 inches
Gold leaf details float in field of yellow and blue circles in the painting ‘Near’ by Randall Stoltzfus…


Morir Soñando

"Morir Soñando" by Randall Stoltzfus, 2013, acrylic dispersion and oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches

Asking for a morir soñando in Brooklyn will get you a Dominican beverage made of milk, sugar, and orange juice. It’s a fascinating and poetic name for a drink, which translates as “to die dreaming”.

“Morir Soñando” installed at Blank…

“Morir Soñando”


"Perigee" by Randall Stoltzfus, 2010, oil and gold leaf on linen, 15 by 24 inches

“Perigee” was completed in 2010 on a support that I began working on in 2004. The image was made using 23 karat gold leaf (Dukaten) and a dose of cerulean blue that shimmer over …


Quay (Study)

Light on the Water | Quay (Study), a drawing in pastel and raw pigment by Randall Stoltzfus

This undated small pastel and raw pigment drawing is part of a body of work inspired by watching the sun set over the East River and New York Harbor.

Some other artwork in this …

“Quay (Study)”

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