Seek | A brilliant orange, yellow and light blue abstract painting by Randall Stoltzfus | Acrylic dispersion on recycled poly canvas, 48 by 48 inches

Seek was created as a custom commission. The request was for a specific size combining the bright color and abstract sense of light present in a few previous canvases. An additional aspiration was to …



"Close" by Randall Stoltzfus, 2016, Acrylic dispersion on polymer canvas, 21 by 30 inches

This painting, Close, was inspired by the physical sensation of light.

In this artwork, contrast across a range of blue, orange, and yellow tones generate energy and a soft central glow that emerges from …


Morir Soñando

"Morir Soñando" by Randall Stoltzfus, 2013, acrylic dispersion and oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches

Asking for a morir soñando in Brooklyn will get you a Dominican beverage made of milk, sugar, and orange juice. It’s a fascinating and poetic name for a drink, which translates as “to die dreaming”.

“Morir Soñando” installed at Blank…

“Morir Soñando”
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