A blue, white, and yellow abstract painting of the sky titled Steady by artist Randall Stoltzfus. The painting is made up of layers of tiny handprinted circles.

An abstract vertical landscape with an inner glow, this painting has a Steady presence.

Sometimes a painting is like a reminder– a postcard from a beautiful state of mind.



Seek | A brilliant orange, yellow and light blue abstract painting by Randall Stoltzfus | Acrylic dispersion on recycled poly canvas, 48 by 48 inches

Seek was created as a custom commission. The request was for a specific size combining the bright color and abstract sense of light present in a few previous canvases. An additional aspiration was to …


Twice Born

"Twice Born" | A custom commissioned painting by Randall Stoltzfus | 2017, Acrylic dispersion and gold leaf on recycled polymer canvas, 52 by 84 inches

Twice Born is a rich, light-filled canvas created as a custom commission.

The request was for a canvas with specific dimensions to fit a prominent wall with excellent natural light. By creating several initial …

“Twice Born”


"Near," by Randall Stoltzfus, 2013, oil and acrylic dispersion with gold leaf on linen, 20 by 40 inches
Gold leaf details float in field of yellow and blue circles in the painting ‘Near’ by Randall Stoltzfus…


Morir Soñando

"Morir Soñando" by Randall Stoltzfus, 2013, acrylic dispersion and oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches

Asking for a morir soñando in Brooklyn will get you a Dominican beverage made of milk, sugar, and orange juice. It’s a fascinating and poetic name for a drink, which translates as “to die dreaming”.

“Morir Soñando” installed at Blank…

“Morir Soñando”


"Constantine" by Randall Stoltzfus, 2009, oil on linen, 18 by 16 inches

Named after a Roman Emperor who saw a vision against the sun, this smaller oil painting was one of the first of my circle landscapes to use a warmer palette of yellows and oranges.…


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