Art on the Walls

I’m collecting photos of my paintings installed in all the wonderful places they live, along with some photos of how they’ve been displayed temporarily for shows or photoshoots. You can browse the individual artworks in my portfolio that have been updated with installation photos using the tag: #onthewall

If you’ve got a photo of one of my paintings in it’s spot at your place (or would like one taken), send me an email at Let’s add it to this collection!

Here’s a gallery of a few of these installation photos of my artwork in (mostly) contemporary interiors:

Art and artifacts

Ishamel by Randall Stoltzfus Install with Tibetan Hunting Tapestry
Ishmael installed alongside a collection of masks and a Tibetan hunting tapestry

My painting Ishmael now hangs alongside a powerful private collection of ethnic textiles and and ceremonial headgear from all over the world.

For me, the gathering of objects in this room resonates with the original religious use of the name Ishmael. In that use Ishmael was the son of Abraham and also a patriarch of Islam– in some way a bridge in the genealogy of several of the worlds great cultures. So it’s fun for me to see the painting resonating with these artifacts from very different places.

Particularly exciting for me is the Tibetan hunting tapestry that hangs nearby. I’ve long been working to make paintings that are true to the material fact of their textile underpinnings somehow. While it is difficult to say what success with that particular concern would be, I find the way the two large images work together encouraging.