Selected Solo Exhibits

The paintings Rainmaker, Through, Held, and the 8 by 10 foot painting Omega hang at Blank Space Gallery for Randall Stoltzfus' 2019 solo exhibit Widening


For Widening, Stoltzfus has created compositions that explode from within; bursts of light radiate from the center of the canvas and dissipate towards the edges. Omega, his largest work in two decades, takes the physical composition of a rainbow as its inspiration and expands the palette to encompass the visible spectrum...

Three paintings by Randall Stoltzfus hand in exhibit at Blank Space Gallery in NYC


Drawing on the natural world, his Mennonite upbringing, and paint itself as sources of inspiration, Stoltzfus employs an expanded palette of textures and pigments to enrich the physical presence and felt experience of each painting...

Laura Kormann Install 3 2016


PENUMBRA is an intimate study of light and the physiological response. Drawing reference from the color field painters Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman, as well as the textured works of abstract expressionist Richard Pousett-Dart, Stoltzfus engages directly with his audience’s vision for a response that is at once physical and emotional...

Afterimage exhibit installed at Millersville University with Sidereal Umbra Eighth Ishmael and Break by Randall Stoltzfus


The Winter Center Art Gallery is delighted to present the work of Randall Stoltzfus...Although Mr. Stoltzfus is himself not from this region, his heritage extends from its earliest European settlers. The intention, quality, craftsmanship and creativity of his work bears out those traditions...

Installation view of paintings by Randall Stoltzfus in the exhibit Backlight at Blank Space gallery in Chelsea


Contemplating a Randall Stoltzfus painting, one may experience light as either radiating outward or decaying within.  Whereas past work suggested nighttime landscapes or wooded thickets with light in the distance, the work for the BLANK SPACE show is more abstract with larger passages of brilliant color coming forward in space...

James Chapel by Turek 3


This exhibit includes a selection of new work and paintings selected from private collections, which respond to this evocative setting. James Chapel is at the heart of Union Theological Seminary's 1908 neo-Gothic complex. Affiliated with nearby Columbia University, Union is one of the United State's most prestigious divinity schools...

Passing and Estuary installed at LIMN for Further West by Randall Stoltzfus

Further West

Stoltzfus is a strong new voice in painting based on an implacable faith in craft and in the resonance of paint itself that, like the religion of his Mennonite forebears, can resist all efforts to stamp it out...

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