The Amish Inkjet

Epson 7500 Stylus Pro

What’s an Amish inkjet?

In this case I’m referring to an obsolete 24″ Epson Stylus Pro 7500 that I picked up for free about a year ago. Once a commercial printer sporting 5 colors …

“The Amish Inkjet”

Jerry Saltz edits artist statements on Facebook

Jerry Saltz edits artist statements on Facebook. You will need a Facebook account to read the thread.

Mr. Saltz is a professional critic– he knows how to use words to set a fire. But …

“Jerry Saltz edits artist statements on Facebook”

On Bob Ross and Screen Resolution

Admittedly, there is some irony when a painter who was “raised without television” has something to say about Bob Ross. But the television painting programs that I did see as a child certainly made …

“On Bob Ross and Screen Resolution”


One of the first really exciting painting resources I remember discovering online was Bruce MacEvoy’s website handprint. When I was actively engaging with my limitations as a watercolor painter several years ago, his comprehensive …


Re-learning how to stretch canvas

After switching to heavy pre-primed linen several years ago, stretching new canvases (usually one of my favorite studio jobs) became difficult. I was getting little sags at the corners that refused to go away, …

“Re-learning how to stretch canvas”

Talking Prices by Olav Velthuis

Olav Velthuis’ book Talking Prices: Symbolic Meanings of Prices on the Market for Contemporary Art is the clearest explanation of contemporary art economics that I have read to date.

Velthuis addresses questions such as:…

“Talking Prices by Olav Velthuis”

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