Ecstatic Bird in the Burning

My painting Daylight features on the cover of Luke Concannon’s lovely new album, Ecstatic Bird in the Burning.

Ecstatic bird in the burning album on vinyl with cover by Randall Stoltzfus

I had fun collaborating with Luke and his team on this cover. After agreeing to use the painting as the background, I got to talk to Luke about his vision and hear a few of his inspiring songs before adding the silhouette of branch and bird to the design. Then I got to watch the design pass through a few rounds of professional tweaks and iterations, getting better with each pass. I am particularly excited to see the these first photos of the actual album cover.

The album drops February 5th, 2021. You can watch videos, learn about Luke, and sign-up to get a free song at this page on Luke’s site.

Update: You can now purchase the album. I suggest buying it from the shop on Luke’s site.

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