In Situ

As I create each painting, I engage with it in my own particular way. Its colors, the contours of each individual circle, the traces of gold leaf and pigment– all transform into one image with a life of its own. A living thing in a way, which I collaborate with. An exchange. Yet, once it has left the studio and has entered your home, office, or private gallery, each painting or print is on its own, ready for a new collaboration with you to grow and to take shape. 

Sometimes the way that I relate to a piece is vastly different from the way that those who have purchased my work understand it. This is important. To each of us, art speaks differently. But the visual experience itself, its expression, mystery, and beauty, are universal. 

Here, people share what my art means to them, where it lives, and how it impacts them day to day. 

“Look what came today. The Sun suddenly came upon it — a special light that we always say feels like it’s Ashley’s mom — as we opened it. … Your painting is a reminder of that light even when it’s not shining through the window.” – Ashley H + Angela J

Close unboxing by Randall Stoltzfus

IMG 4756

The painting arrived, beautifully packed! Thank you so much
for that. We are so happy to have Nightshade gracing our dining room. – Kathleen G

“Congratulations on the show and thank you for sharing this…your work is so rich, lush. I find myself immersed, surrounded by bursts of comforting color.” – Charlene R

Installation view of Randall Stoltzfus exhibition Widening showing the 8 by 10 foot rainbow painting "Omega" and two 4 foot square paintings hanging in a white gallery interior at NTC's Blank Space

On the Walls

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