James Chapel show final week, more beautiful photos

It’s the last week for the current show at Union Theological Seminary’s James Chapel. The last day to visit the show is Friday, May 21st, 2010.

For those who are too far away in space or time to see the show in person, here is one more set of photos. Click to see them big.

These were shot by Michael Turek, who uses his pro-photographer powers to make nice clean lines happen in the incredibly vertical space of the chapel. It takes some special equipment to gather this much of the space into one photo, and I know it took some post-shoot work to make these look so good (Michael sends this correction– “all the work was done in camera, just a 24mm tilt/shift lens.”)  So thank you, Michael! To see more what Mr. Turek can really do with a camera, go visit his portfolio, it’s super-beautiful stuff.