Lost Rainbow Print


  • Archival hybrid digital print
  • Hand-painted watercolor/pastel background
  • Each print is a unique variation
  • Edition of 7
  • 9 x 13 inch image
  • 11 x 15 inch paper
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This rainbow got lost in the forest.

Each print in this limited variable edition of seven has a hand painted background. This special background layer of studio-made ink-receptive watercolors is where I painted the rainbow.  The hand-painting means each of these prints is unique, lovely, & a bit eerie (in a good way!).

The top forest layer of each print was created using the studio’s amish inkjet. The rich carbon-based ink from this printer is completely permanent. The intricate black tracery of this layer acts a lot like the black leading in a stain glass window. There’s so much contrast that the print really does seem to glow from within.

The eleven by fifteen inch paper is artist-quality 100 percent cotton rag. Each rainbow print is marked E.V. (Edition Varie), hand-numbered, dated, and signed.

Will you give your home a rainbow?