Spirit: set of five


  • Five unsigned Archival digital prints
  • Paper coated by hand
  • Mica powder glimmer
  • Hand-torn edges
  • Mail-able 5 by 7 inch size
  • Five 100% recycled Kraft paper envelopes
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This set of five of my Spirit postcard prints is perfect when you want to send something uplifting.

These prints are unsigned, and include a matching set of the 100% recycled Kraft A7 paper envelopes that I use for my own mailing.

Each print is cotton rag paper coated by hand here in the studio to work a little better with the printer and to add some extra sparkle.

Printed using a custom-mixed 100% carbon ink set. The pigment in this ink is a wonderful rich black and highly permanent.

Each print is torn to size by hand, resulting in a beautiful irregular border. The overall dimensions are approximately 5 by 7 inches, but there is some variation that contributes to the uniqueness of your print.

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