I Built a Model of the Gallery

The next solo show opens on April 25th at Blank Space Gallery in NYC.

I always worry about having enough paintings on hand for upcoming exhibits, especially solo shows like this next one. Admittedly, this is some sort of neurosis, because it happens no matter how many paintings are waiting in the studio. And I know I’m not alone in feeling this way. I remember a teacher describing an anxiety dream he’d had where he would arrive at the gallery with his paintings only to have the gallery owner ask “have I shown you the room we added since your last show?”

Fortunately I’ve also discovered the cure for this worry! With a sheet of foam core and some careful to-scale printouts of the paintings on hand, I can put my worry about the space to rest. I know I’m not alone in this either. I think I first got the idea from the fantastic film Gerhard Richter Painting, where you can see the artist’s assistants working with this sort of  model to plan upcoming exhibits.

Above is a photo of the scale model I built of the gallery for that upcoming show at Blank Space. I’ve hung the space with miniature prints of some of the work in progress, and I feel much better already!

I just hope there isn’t an extra room added to the gallery when I show up with the paintings…

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