Signed, Sealed

Here’s the full 3+ minute video of me painting the signature on a new commissioned painting. Like many of the marks in each painting, the brushstrokes here required more than one layer. This clip shows the final pass with gold paint harmonizing these eight letters with a gold-toned canvas.

The pattern I use to sign my paintings is inspired by the chop marks and studio seals used by artists and printmakers for centuries. I first noticed this type of signature on the Viennese fin de si├Ęcle paintings that I admired when I was starting out as a painter. The amazing marks used on Chinese landscape paintings made my fascination permanent.

To read my last name in the mark, just start with the big S and read the letters clockwise until you get back to the S a second time.

Here’s a 19 second hyperlapse of the same video:

One Blue Circle at a Time

I’ve been working on this color saturated larger painting for a few months. The scale makes the mood-lifting color bath that much better. It’s some real studio color therapy.

Here’s a one minute video of me painting one blue circle in just the right spot.