20th Annual Postcards from the Edge

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I made a special miniature, reversed and adapted version of my new “Lost Rainbow” print just so I could send it into this year’s edition of Postcards from the Edge. Which means that someone …

“20th Annual Postcards from the Edge”

The Wanderer Prints

Wanderer Five States sideview by Randall Stoltzfus
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These are unusual prints. When you see them in person, it’s obvious immediately. They are shiny. Like silver-leaf shiny.  They shimmer. When you reach out to touch …

“The Wanderer Prints”

The Amish Inkjet

Epson 7500 Stylus Pro

What’s an Amish inkjet?

In this case I’m referring to an obsolete 24″ Epson Stylus Pro 7500 that I picked up for free about a year ago. Once a commercial printer sporting 5 colors …

“The Amish Inkjet”

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