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This interview and virtual studio visit with Kim Depole was recorded on IGTV live on December 4th, 2020.

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“Art Cafe Talk with Kim Depole”

Omega Skylight Time Lapse

After working on Omega for three years, I got pretty familiar with seeing the painting in my skylit Brooklyn studio. So when the time to ship the painting out for it’s first showing came, I felt a little anxiety about how it would read in a different space, with different lighting, and to different eyes.

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Signed, Sealed

Signed, Sealed | Randall Stoltzfus paints his signature on a completed painting

Here’s the full 3+ minute video of me painting the signature on a new commissioned painting. Like many of the marks in each painting, the brushstrokes here required more than one layer. This clip shows the final pass with gold paint harmonizing these eight letters with a gold-toned canvas.

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One Blue Circle at a Time

I’ve been working on this color saturated larger painting for a few months. The scale makes the mood-lifting color bath that much better. It’s some real studio color therapy.

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Sightline Time-lapse Animation

Five months of hand-painted circles on the eight foot canvas “Sightline” are compressed into these two minutes of time-lapse animation.

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Artist Randall Stoltzfus Brings Light and Shadow to Bergamot Station

Randall Stoltzfus Brings Light and Shadow to Bergamot Station | West Side Today

This video interview with was recorded on March 19, 2016 at the opening reception for Penumbra at Laura Korman Gallery

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Blank Space Gallery featured on

randall stoltzfus Blank Space CUNY TV

Nana Lee and Blank Space Gallery feature in this story by Mathilde Hamel that ran on CUNY’s Channel 75 in NYC from December 11-15. The story presents a glimpse of what it takes to start a Manhattan gallery, and includes interviews with Nana, Gregory Hayes, and myself at the 4:16 mark.

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