The artists-X-change boX project

This new collaboration is something that matters to me that came out of the past spring and summer with all its unknown. It’s called artists-X-change. And it has just now become something that you can participate in. 

The BoX Project by artists X change with print by Randall Stoltzfus opt
One of 20 unique curated box sets donated to the Brooklyn Arts Council by artists-X-change

A Collective

Artists-x-change was set up by its core members as a collective. Loosely held. But with the clear goal of figuring out a way to help other artists in need.

The idea behind our first foray, called the BoX Project, is simple. 

10 artists each donated 10 artworks. The only requirement was a maximum size of 5 by 7 inches. From this pool of 100 artworks, a set of 20 special boxes were curated. No two are the same. Each contains 5 artworks. And each is to be used as a special gift in return for an act of charity on behalf of other artists.

Brooklyn Arts Council

For this first project, we chose a partner organization to work with that we felt would do a better job of distributing resources than we could do ourselves. That partner organization is Brooklyn Arts Council, a local pillar of support in the place I call home. It is also an organization I have benefitted from personally though classes, portfolio reviews with curators, and exposure in times when that was scarce.

Real Gift Giving

As it is with real gift giving, there is some unknown here. The artists have made their gifts to the project knowing precious little about what it would become. Experienced artists grow comfortable with this. Creativity itself is an uncertain gift. Unusually, here that uncertainty is passed along to the collector as well, since there is something unknown about what will be received.  I’m hoping that this spirit of real gift-giving will continue full circle, bringing this project a special energy of it’s own.

You can learn more about the print I’ve donated to the project here: Thicket Print for the BoX Project

To learn more about the box project, visit

Brooklyn Arts Council has posted about the project here:

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