Unsteady Ground, co-curated by Margot Spindelman and Michael Davis


Three working drawings are in this exhibit at Newark’s City Without Walls art space.

The 7 by 11 inch inkjet and acrylic on paper piece pictured above began as a snapshot of the 5 by 8 foot painting Seagate while it was still in progress. I had arranged black masking tape on the canvas before taking the photo. Later I printed out the snapshot and re-worked it using acrylic paint.

I’ll be at the opening reception, and am participating in a panel discussion on Saturday September 7th.

Unsteady Ground, What is Drawing?

August 22nd until September 27th. 

City without Walls

6 Crawford St

Newark NJ 07102

Opening reception Thursday August 22nd from 6-8pm

From the press release:

In the same way that live performance brings light to the written word,
drawing is invested with emotion. This heightened articulation, this deep
looking that is drawing changes a presumed space into hyper-real
representation of what is hidden to the casual looker. Perhaps the oldest
drawings known to us are cave paintings. Unsteady Ground is an attempt
to show a group of artists whose work is a portion of this wide variety of
drawing, the continuation of an ancient human impulse.

Artists Include: Artists: Andy Mister, David Manno, JC Lenochan, Joanna
Platt, Lee Whiting, Margaret Inga Wiatrowski, Fausto Sevilla, Rachel
Phillips, Richard Staub, Scott Lawrence, Randall Stoltzfus, Marieken
Cochius, Donald O’ Finn, Andrew Lenaghan, Steven Schreiber, Philippe
Jarry, Charles Tisa, Rebecca Welz, Rick Klauber, Sky Kim, Will Hutnick,
Anthony Brownbill, Juan Fontanive, Nathaniel Lieb, Peter Bonner, Richard
Staub, Neal Korn, Janell O’ Rourke, Stephen Woods, Dirk Richardson.

Artist panel and talk moderated by curators Margot Spindelman and
Michael Davis at City Without Walls, Saturday, September 7, 2013 2-4
p.m. Panelists include: Rick Klauber, JC Lenochan, Randall Stoltzfus and
Margaret Inga Wiatrowski.

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